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  • Stable-Understable
  • 24.5mm Distance Drivers

The Tantrum is a stable-understable distance driver.

The Tantrum’s sweeping lines and hyzerflip potential allow power throwers to shape all kinds of shots. The Tantrum is best described as a beat-in Teleport, with huge glide and distance potential.

All models in the 24.5mm Distance Drivers class, displayed by relative stability:

Class 24.5mm Distance Drivers
Weights 165g - 175g
Diameter 21.1cm
Rim Width 24.5mm
PDGA Max Weight 175.1g
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Flight Chart

The most critical factor in a Tantrum’s flight is the power put behind it. At full expert power the Tantrum will have significant turn with a reliable fade. At average thrower power the Tantrum will likely perform straight-stable with a sharp fade. With lower power or beginner technique, the Tantrum will exhibit a very overstable flight without max distance gains, fading early in flight. High-speed drivers like the Tantrum are recommended for high power throwers.


Tantrum Photos

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